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The CRLC publishes the monograph series Studies in Language Change, under the editorship of Cynthia L. Allen, Harold Koch and Malcolm Ross.

Studies in Language Change presents empirically based research that extends knowledge about historical relations among the world's languages without restriction to any particular language family or region. While not devoted explicitly to theoretical explanations, the series hopes to contribute to the advancement in understandings of language change as well as adding to the store of well-analyzed historical-comparative data on the world's languages.

Until 2011 SLC was published jointly with Pacific Linguistics. Information on nine joint publications is available at here. Information on how to order these publications is here.

From 2012 SLC becomes a series published by De Gruyter Mouton. This change was occasioned by Pacific Linguistics' own transformation into a De Gruyter Mouton series, but Studies in Language Change is now a De Gruyter Mouton series independent of Pacific Linguistics. This fulfils the editors' wish that SLC should welcome manuscripts on language change worldwide and that its publications should have the exposure to a wider audience that its association with a major publisher in linguistics will provide.

SLC's publishing procedures will now be those of De Gruyter Mouton. The procedure for submitting book proposals is available here.

Procedures for submitting camera ready copy are on the De Gruyter Mouton website here. Under the heading Templates three types of Microsoft Word template are provided: for monographs, for edited works, and for the Mouton Grammar Library. There is also a LaTeX template. Beneath these are links to Mouton's general style sheet and the Mouton Grammar Library stylesheet. Authors should choose the style sheet and template which most closely matches their needs: if it is a grammar, then choose the Mouton Grammar Library style sheet and template.


Studies in Language Change publications with Pacific Linguistics

1. Bethwyn Evans. A study of valency-changing devices in Proto Oceanic. Further details.

2. Paul Sidwell and Pascale Jacq. A Handbook of Comparative Bahnaric, volume 1: West Bahnaric. Further details.

3. Nicholas Evans (editor). The Non-Pama-Nyungan languages of northern Australia: Comparative studies of the continent's most linguistically complex region. Further details.

4. William B. McGregor and Alan Rumsey. Worrorran revisited: the case for genetic relations among languages of the Northern Kimberley region of Western Australia. Further details.

5. Matthew Toulmin. From Linguistic to sociolinguistic reconstruction: the Kamta historical subgroup of Indo-Aryan. Further details.

6. Rachel Hendery and Jennifer Hendriks (editors). Grammatical change: theory and description. Further details.

7. Tom Dutton, Reconstructing Proto Koiarian: the history of a Papuan language family. Further details.

8. Martha Ratliff. Hmong-Mien language history. Further details.

9. Jacinta Smallhorn, The Binanderean languages of Papua New Guinea: reconstruction and subgrouping. Further details.


Studies in Language Change publications with De Gruyter Mouton (in preparation)

Robert Mailhammer (ed), Lexical and Structural Etymology: Beyond Word Histories.

Manuel Delicado Cantero. Prepositional clauses in Spanish: A diachronic and comparative syntactic study.

Eitan Grossman, Esther-Miriam Wagner, and Ben Outhwaite (eds), Scribes as agents of language change.

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