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  • promote research leading to a better understanding of all aspects of language change— prehistorical, historical and contemporary, especially in languages of the Indo-Pacific region
  • foster cooperation in research between linguists in different parts of the ANU and elsewhere

Linguistic Institutions involved with the CRLC:

School of Language Studies (Linguistics & Applied Linguistics/Classical & Modern European Languages), Faculty of Arts, ANU

Department of Linguistics, RSPAS, ANU

Faculty of Asian Studies, ANU

  • foster cooperation in research between historical linguistics and related disciplines

Other Institutions involved with the CRLC:

Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, RSPAS, ANU

Department of Archaeology and Natural History, RSPAS, ANU

Department of Anthropology, RSPAS, ANU

  • foster links with the undergraduate & postgraduate training programs in relevant methodologies

Course Offerings

  • The Centre offers membership of the Centre to qualified and interested scholars of the ANU community
  • We offer associate membership to scholars from outside the ANU

Members of the CRLC

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  • The Centre conducts a regular seminar series
HistLing Seminar Series
  • The Centre organises special lectures, workshops, and conferences



  • The Centre maintains a website
CRLC homepage
  • We publish and publicise research results
The Chameleon newsletter
  • The Centre seeks further resources to further the goals of the Centre


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