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The Centre for Research on Language Change welcomes new members as a way of fostering strong collaboration between researchers with a common interest in language change and history both in Australia and worldwide.


  • Scholars who are affiliated with the Australian National University are entitled to be full members of the CRLC.

    This includes members of Staff, Associate Fellows and both postgraduate and undergraduate students at the University

  • Other scholars who share the goals of the Centre are invited to become Associate Members by the Management Committee.

People who will genuinely contribute to the achievement of the Centre's objectives can send the following information to either the:

Please send us:

  1. contact details and present affiliation with a University
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. short description of your research interests which are in some way related to the general focus of the CRLC.

A person will have standing as a Member of the Centre for up to four years, and renewal of membership is possible. Members affiliated with the Australian National University will have full membership status. If affiliation with the ANU lapses, full members automatically take on associate status with the CRLC.

As a member you are invited to contribute to (and will receive by email) the occasional newsletter 'The Chameleon'.

© Chameleon mascot and CRLC logo are copyright of the CRLC, designed by Pascale Jacq. The Greek character Delta and the chameleon symbolise change, and the chameleon's flicking tongue symbolises language/linguistic change.

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