Workshop at ALS, 13-15 July 2004,
University of Sydney
Centre for Research on Language Change

Conflicting Traditions? Approaching Historical Linguistics from Different Perspectives


Coordinated by:
Bethwyn Evans (
Luisa Miceli (


The Centre for Research on Language Change is running a workshop at the Australian Linguistic Society Annual Conference to be held in Sancta Sophia College at the University of Sydney in July 2004.

Summary of workshop theme

Within the discipline of historical linguistics we find a number of independent traditions, each of these with its own methods and models of interpretation, sometimes focusing on rather different aspects of language histories. This workshop aims to address whether the various approaches are complementary, or whether there is potential conflict in the use of methods and models such as:


with keynote address by:

Sheldon P. Harrison
University of Western Australia

Using Linguistic Evidence in Relative Text Dating: Case Studies from the Debate on Dating the Biblical Hebrew Corpus


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